May '17 Update

May flew by. It was a whirlwind of travel, furniture shopping, illness, and work; lots and lots of work. Even as I write this, I am having trouble remembering details about May because so much happened so quickly!

In May, I…
Watched: Finished watching Frasier and started Cheers. Backwards, I know.

Heard: Continued obsession with the How I Built This podcast and Seincast podcast.

Ate: Been obsessed with avocado toast and egg whites for breakfast.

Traveled: Bowling Green, OH for my younger brother's college graduation and back to Chicago for another wedding.

Saw: Beauty and the Beast! And I finally got to meet my cousin's newborn son! What a handsome little man!

News: Demas Designs joined The Knot!

Top Posts: Events with Victoria Beckham For Target and and Yoga Playlist Vol. 1


As always, thank you for reading! XO-

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Friday Finds: Demas Designs on

Happy Friday friends!

If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen this post where I revealed that Demas Designs is now on This was a huge step for me. Anytime I put of piece of my life and my work online there is a bit of vulnerability. Especially in this case, because The Knot is one of the top wedding website. My page on The Knot still needs some love, but I'm really happy to have taken this step. Hopefully, this means more good things are coming. Stay tuned for more wedding invite examples and samples!

Here are some of my favorite finds this week!

Hard realities and difficult truths.

A recipe I'd love to try.

My new favorite podcast.

Books to add to you summer reading list.

This is just too funny!

Lattes too beautiful to drink.

As always, thank you for reading, XO-

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