Dakota's Story

Tomorrow will mark two years since we have welcomed our dog, Dakota, to our lives. To celebrate, I wanted to share how we got this crazy bundle of joy.


Steve and I both grew up with dogs in our homes. When we got engaged and moved in together, we agreed we would one day get a dog, but not right away. At the time, we were recent college grads and we were on a budget. We agreed to wait one year before we got a dog; but that didn't stop me from constantly talking about it! 

As soon as the year was up, Steve and I started to really discuss a dog. Steve started looking up breeds and pricing. 

I just looked up adorable puppies at local adoption places.


We ran into a lot of problems as we started looking for a dog. We quickly learned the adoption process from certain locations could be incredibly lengthy and incredibly complicated. Applications were pages long and references from previous veterinarians were needed. Steve and I were 23! We hadn't had a pet of our own before and we definitely didn't have multiple veterinarians to refer us. The truth was, we would take nearly any dog. We just wanted to adopt a little ball of fur and I felt most places were making it really hard to do so. I decided to expand my search. 

It didn't take long to find this tiny, little adoption place about 90 minutes south of Kansas City. They had so many new-born puppies available, but as soon as I saw Dakota, I knew she was the one. I called the place immediately to inquire about her. This call was made on a Wednesday, and I learned that on Friday, she would be sent to another location, where she will be 3 times as expensive and much more difficult to adopt. At the time, Steve was traveling for work, so there was no way to get there before Friday. Thankfully, they allowed me to pay for her over the phone, and agreed to hold her until Monday, the day we would go get her.

On Sunday, we drove to Petsmart and picked up all of the supplies we could think of for a pet dog. Then Monday came!


The 90 minute drive down was filled with anticipation. We finally arrived in this teeny, tiny town, with just a handful of houses. We pulled into the driveway of a home, and were lead to the backyard where all the puppies were playing. The owner pointed out Dakota and I practically jumped the fence to get her! 

She was so small; only 12 pounds! We were so excited to get her home!

Since then, she's been a great puppy. She didn't bark at night. She learned her schedule and tricks quickly. She was just always a happy puppy! She also grew quickly! She now stands at a whopping 50 pounds, but looks like she only weighs 30! She's all muscle! 


Of course, we had our rough moments with her. Ripping papers, eating food off our plates, and accidents on the floor. Even now two years later, we can still get frustrated with her. Just yesterday, she ate a tube of Chapstick! Luckily for her, she has the sweetest puppy-dog sad face, making it impossible to stay mad at her! 

We are so happy (and lucky) to have this amazing dog as a part of our little family!


Common Dakota Questions

Her name: I had a friend in high school who's dog's name was Dakota. Since then, I always thought it was a great puppy name!

Her breed: Her mom came to the shelter pregnant, so all we know is that she's 50% basset hound. The other 50% is a complete mystery.

Interactions with people: She loves everyone! Rub her belly and she'll love you forever!

Interactions with dogs: Her bark is worse than her bite. She can act aggressive, but she's a sweet at heart. She just likes to play with other dogs.

Best habits: She always comes when she hears her name. She loves sitting and looking out the windows of our apartment. She loves to snuggle! 

Worst habits: We learned that Dakota can swallow socks whole. She loves biting pillows and ripping fabric. She's even ripped apart a chair!

As always, thank you for reading!


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Friday Finds: Business Travel

Happy Friday Everyone!

My husband travels a lot for work. This past week he was in Boston, and he has so much more travel to come in the next few weeks. He loves it! He gets to see other parts of the country, from big cities to middle-of-nowhere towns. He's gotten to explore New York, San Francisco, D.C. and the Grand Canyon, just to name a few.

Of course we miss each other when he's gone, but we do embrace the alone time. A silly example would be television shows. We both get to watch our shows that the other hates without protest. For him, it's superhero shows; for me, it's reality TV. There are also benefits. Because of all of the travel we have racked up the air miles (which is how we got to Alaska) and hotel points! We love using those!

Below are some of my favorite finds this week!


Oreos are getting meta.

Who doesn't love Snapchat filters?!

#LegallyBlonde15 A perfect description of a millennial's life in Kansas City.

Truly the best Vine I have ever seen, ever!

An powerful essay by Jennifer Aniston.

The bridal store where I bought my dress featured our photo!

So I'd like to know what about you. Do you, or a significant other, travel for work? Do you like it? Where were your favorite places to visit?

As always, thank you for reading, Helen

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