Saturdaze: July Update


July was insanely busy! We were in Alaska and San Francisco, and the weeks in between, Steve was traveling for work. My mom was in town for a few days, which was amazing! I realized she and I hadn't spent multiple days together, just the two of us, in years! So we really enjoyed our time together :D In July, I…

Watched: UnREAL. My friend told me about this show while we were watching the Bachelorette. It's so addicting! I highly recommend it, especially if you like reality television. I've also started Breaking Bad for the very first time!

Wore: Pants and jackets. Shorts and tanks. I spent half this month in colder cities and the other half in 90+ degree weather in KC.

Heard: New podcast fav: How Did This Get Made?

Read: I've added What Alice Forgot to my never ending pile of half-read books.

Traveled: Traveled to Alaska and San Francisco! You can read about it and see pictures here, here, and here!

Saw: The Secret Life of Pets and Ghostbusters. We saw them at the Boulevard Drive-in Movie Theater, which was so much fun!  We also saw the new Star Trek movie.

News: We've officially started the house hunt! I've also added a bunch of new prints to the Kaleidoscope Spinning's Etsy Page, including 4 USA prints!

Something I am most looking forward to in August is the completion of my CorePower Yoga Teacher Training! It's been such a wonderful experience and I can't believe it's almost over. Also keep your eye out for new prints on the Etsy Page!

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I Left My Heart in San Francisco: KSxSF


If you follow me on Instgram, you already know that I was in San Francisco the last week of July. It was a sort of spontaneous trip. Steve has been traveling to San Francisco once a month for work for the last few months. Since July's trip fell in the middle of four other business trips, we decided that I would go to San Fran with him! I had never been to San Fran before, nor had I traveled with Steve on one of his business trips before; so this was overall a very unique experience. Since Steve had to go visit the client, I had the days to myself. It was a new experience for me to be in a new city by myself. It was kinda great because I got to do whatever I wanted, go where I wanted. I described it to friends as "the benefits of traveling alone, without having to travel alone".

I took advantage of this time to walk around and embrace the city. I tried my best to blend is as a normal San Franciscan, (although my Lyft driver called me out when I asked him to take me to the Golden Gate Bridge!)

-Day 1- I walked to Fisherman's Wharf. The area was so big and full of the cutest, little shops. And, of course, boats everywhere! SF_1

-Day 1- From Fisherman's Wharf was a huge pier. At the end it gave me this spectacular view of the city. SF_2

-Day 1- On the other side of the pier was Alcatraz. I wasn't interested in actually taking the tour, but it was nice to see. SF_3

-Day 2- I walked to Alamo Square. Unfortunately, the whole park was under construction, but I did get to see the beautiful houses surrounding it. SF_4

-Day 2- I went to the Golden Gate Bridge! When I first got there, it was so foggy! I decided to wait a bit to see if the fog cleared. It didn't but I kept seeing people begin their walk on the bridge. So I decided to go ahead and go through the fog. SF_5

-Day 2- Thankfully, I went because the further I walked the clearer it became! SF_6

-Day 2- I ended up walking the entire bridge there and back! A total of 3 miles! SF_8

-Day 3- I took the famous San Fran Trolley around the city! The wait was so long but the ride so much fun! SF_9

-Day 3- My final stop was the AT&T Park, home of the San Fran Giants. Note to Self: Always check the team's schedule before visiting a stadium. I got there right when a game finished. It was so crowded! SF_10

As always, thank you for reading, Helen

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Friday Finds: Business Travel

Happy Friday Everyone!

My husband travels a lot for work. This past week he was in Boston, and he has so much more travel to come in the next few weeks. He loves it! He gets to see other parts of the country, from big cities to middle-of-nowhere towns. He's gotten to explore New York, San Francisco, D.C. and the Grand Canyon, just to name a few.

Of course we miss each other when he's gone, but we do embrace the alone time. A silly example would be television shows. We both get to watch our shows that the other hates without protest. For him, it's superhero shows; for me, it's reality TV. There are also benefits. Because of all of the travel we have racked up the air miles (which is how we got to Alaska) and hotel points! We love using those!

Below are some of my favorite finds this week!


Oreos are getting meta.

Who doesn't love Snapchat filters?!

#LegallyBlonde15 A perfect description of a millennial's life in Kansas City.

Truly the best Vine I have ever seen, ever!

An powerful essay by Jennifer Aniston.

The bridal store where I bought my dress featured our photo!

So I'd like to know what about you. Do you, or a significant other, travel for work? Do you like it? Where were your favorite places to visit?

As always, thank you for reading, Helen

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